How Team GB Athletes are working together to help their Team Mates, a project inspired by Legacy 300 and explained by one of the athletes.

Medallists keep "One Team GB" spirit alive

Within 48 hours of the funding announcement, Athletes involved in the Legacy 300 project including 16 Gold Medallists, have developed a project with their fellow Olympians from GB Handball, that allows enthusiasts to support participating Athlete and also the Team Sports promoting the opportunity.


There are three ways to help GB Handball, and each comes with additional benefits for elite and grass roots sport and enable those with a wide range of  sporting interests and causes to help support them.

  • On Line Raffle:  Your chance to win a place on an exclusive training day and meet Gold Medallists. tickets are £1 and are available from this website shop:  You have six separate prizes to choose from, and when clicking on the cart you are buying tickets solely for that prize. On the insistence of the GB Handball Team, the participating athlete will also receive financial support.




The first Team Sport to respond to this offer of help was GB Handball  and the following article from their Men's Captain expresses their hopes for your support, and appreciate those  who are carrying the 'One Team' spirit on from the Summer.




On Tuesday 18th of December UK Sport announced the funding available for the NGB's they felt had what it takes to deliver at the 2016 Olympic Games. Among the sports that missed out was Handball - my Sport and arguably one of the biggest hits of London 2012, especially with the British Public.

Shortly after the funding announcement, there were many phone calls to the media and Blogs written highlighting the frustration of the Athletes and also the NGB's. One thing that was not given too much attention was what those teams are going to do now, with European and World Championships still to play for.

This is where the word 'team' really comes into play. This summer, all Olympic and Paralympic  sports came under the same banner - 'One Team GB'. Now in the wake of these funding announcements, the more decorated members of 'One Team GB', including sixteen Rowing and Cycling Gold Medalists have in the space of 48 hours lined up alongside Olympians and to help secure alternative funding to ensure their fellow Athletes can continue to strive for excellence by competing and developing at the highest level. Post-Christmas we will announce more.

online Auctions opportunities where the winning party can win places on a wide range of training experiences with Team GB Athletes, with the proceeds going to fund both the athletes delivering the experience and

This support is now in three distinct areas. In 2013 there will be a series of GB Handball. Additional places on these experiences are now available on an on-line raffle, tickets £1. We are also working on another Athlete project that will generate funds for local sports clubs and there are a wide variety of ways people can support that particular project.

All details can be found on out Facebook page 'One Team GB - Legacy' or our friends at

A number of other Athletes from various sports have committed to this cause because they know what sacrifices and dedication it takes to be selected into this Team.

Further details will follow during 2013 but the message is clear. The sports that missed out will not give up, and with support of team mates, anything is possible.Bring on Rio.

Bobby White -GB Handball Captain